Research Seminars

Since the start of the Department of Social Medicine, research seminars are organised monthly. During a one hour meeting, senior and junior researchers present their ongoing research findings or new research plans.

Recent presentations

Author(s) Research Date
Inge Houkes Towards a social ecology of systainable employability: a study among Dutch employees (PDF, 0.44MB) 18-11-2015
Julianne van der Berg Total amount and patterns of sedentary behavior & glucose metabolism status (PDF, 0,77MB) 13-10-2015
Tomris Cesuroglu Integration of a personalized health care model within health care systems and policies in Europe (PDF, 1.29MB) 14-04-2015
Hans Bosma A tale of small N’s (PDF, 0,62MB)


Tomris Cesuroglu General Introduction to Horizon 2020 (PDF, 1MB) 09-09-2014
Bram Rooijackers Workers’ responsibilities in work disability prevention, would they? (PDF, 0,45 MB) 17-06-2014
Katarina Putnik Cultural context matters: An intersectionality perspective on combining work and home domains in Malta, Serbia and the Netherlands (PDF, 0,66 MB) 26-06-2014
Ivonne Derks Life-course and environmental conditions as fundamental causes for Type 2 Diabetes (PDF, 0,64 MB) 15-04-2014
Danielle Groffen CITO Stress (PDF, 0,86 MB) 18-02-2014
Elena Syurina All in the family (PDF, 2,99 MB) 19-11-2013
Julianne van den Berg The effect of a sedentary lifestyle on type 2 diabetes and its complications (PDF, 2,25 MB) 17-09-2013
Angelique de Rijk e.a. Social participation of eight groups (PDF, 0,6 MB) 13-06-2013
Audrey Simons, Daniëlle Groffen and Hans Bosma Socioeconomic health inequalities (PDF, 0,3 MB) 19-02-2013
Katarina Putnik Work-home interface in a cross cultural context (PDF, 0,87 MB) 13-12-2012
Yvonne Goertz Labor participation of visually impaired persons in the Netherlands (PDF, 0,70 MB) 20-08-2012
Danielle Groffen Educational level, salivary cortisol, and all cause mortality (PDF, 0,81 MB) 10-05-2012
Hans Bosma Perceived unfairness and socioeconomic (PDF, 0,29 MB) 10-05-2012
Annette Scherpenzeel CentERdata: Institute for Data Collection and Research. (PDF, 1,12 MB) 19-01-2012
Marie-José Theunissen Stay In or Drop Out (PDF, 1,47 MB) 10-11-2011
Peter Donceel Breast cancer treatment and work incapacity: patient perspectives. (PDF, 0,35 MB) 30-06-2011
Mirjam Wouters Recalled parenting and health-related functioning in older people. (PDF, 0,06 MB) 21-04-2011
Angelique Vermeiren Opleidingsniveau en metabool syndroom: de rol van genen. Een tweeling studie. (PDF, 0,16 MB) 21-04-2011
Luc de Witte Technologie in de zorg. Een gezamenlijk programma van HsZuyd en UM. (PDF, 0,34 MB) 24-02-2011
Vera Mertens Good friends, high income, or resilience: What matters for ‘relatively successful functioning’ in depressed elderly with a chronic disease? (PDF, 0,31 MB) 28-10-2010
Angeliqe de Rijk and Twan van Stipdonk Vocational Rehabilitation and Treatment of Depression and Anxiety in the Dutch guideline for Cardiac Rehabilitation. (2) (PDF, 0,15 MB) 27-05-2010
P. Esser Het effect van de GGD brochure 'GSM- en UMTS-antennes, wat betekenen ze voor uw gezondheid?" Op de risicoperceptie van GSM- en UMTS-antennes. (PDF, 1,07 MB) 22-07-2010
Gonnie Klabbers The educational patterning of health-related adversities in individuals with major depression. (PDF, 0,2 MB) 22-10-2009
Angelique de Rijk and Twan van Stipdonk Vocational Rehabilitation and Treatment of Depression and Anxiety in the Dutch guideline for Cardiac Rehabilitation. (PDF, 0,16 MB) 24-09-2009
Jano Havas Relatie Psychosociale problemen adolescenten en Opleidingsniveau adolescent en ouders. (PDF, 0,59 MB) 26-03-2009
Karin Maiwald Surfacing theoretical and practical perspectives on the disability prevention intervention for healthcare workers in British Columbia, Canada. (PDF, 0,43 MB) 15-01-2009
Lineke van Hal De client vertelt (PDF, 0,12 MB) (These are preliminary results; the final report will be published mid feb 2009) 04-12-2008
Angela Brand Public Health genomics. (PDF, 2,15 MB) 30-09-2008
Katarina Putnik Early signs of burnout among healthcare workers. (PDF, 0,42 MB) 11-09-2008
Inge Houkes Development of burnout among male and female GPs. (PDF, 0,26 MB) 11-09-2008